April 24, 2022 @ Royal Scot Bowl in Lansing Michigan – Traditional Event

4722 W. Grand River Ave – Lansing Michigan – 517 321 3071

CHECK IN: 7:30 AM TO 8:15 AM
If you want to bowl with your friends: Check in together for same lane assignments –

we cannot guarantee same lane assignments if you check in separate/late.

Printable Entry form: Click here

Mail entry form to :

If you are mailing your entry, please keep in mind

online entries will be in the order of received, before

the mail comes every day (2pm). If we fill up

before we receive your mail in entry you will be put

on our online waiting list or notified and your entry will

be refunded.

GLJGT   150 Carleton Dr. S.  Battle Creek Michigan 49017


Round 1: 6 Games: All bowlers will bowl 6 games. Scores tallied, top

advancers advance to round 2.

Round 2 : 2 Games: Bowlers will bowl 2 games, total pin fall – as follows

1 vs. 6, 2 vs. 5, 3 vs. 4 – depending on the field size.

Round 3: 1 Game: Step-ladder – 3 vs. 2, 2 vs. 1

Time Schedule – may vary

7:30 am – 8:15 am : Bowlers check in

8:15 am – 8:30 am : Announcements

8:30 am – 8:35 am : National Anthem

8:35 am – 8:45 am : 10 Minutes of practice

8:45 am – 12:45 pm : 6 games qualifying moving after 1-2 games (TBD)

12:45 pm – 1:30 pm : scores posted – Jr. gold advancers announced.

1:30 pm –  1:45 pm : Lane assignments – set up (Round 2 or 3 advancers)

1:35 pm – 1:45 pm : Bowler practice throws

1:45 pm – 4:45 pm : Round 2 – semi finals/ Round 3 Finals step-ladder

Awards and Scholarship will be announced down on the lanes after each

division is completed.
Jr. Gold Spots/SMART Scholarships/Awards will be awarded based on the 6 Qualifying games,

and will be  awarded after qualifying block is completed.

All bowlers are competing for SMART Scholarships, but not all bowlers will be competing for Gold Spots.

You do not need to be bowling for a Jr. Gold Spot to compete in any of our (GLJGT) tournaments-

all tournaments award SMART Scholarships and Awards to top finishers.

AGE DIVISIONS:  BASED ON BIRTH DATE:  ( based on a Fiscal Year not a calendar year, Aug 1 to July 31)

U12 –  AUGUST 1, 2009 TO CURRENT DATE                                                                                                                              U15 – AUGUST 1,  2006 TO JULY 31,  2009
U18 – August 1, 2006 TO JULY 31, 2003                                                                                                                                        U20 – AUGUST 1, 2001 TO JULY 31, 2003

Cost breakdown:

U12-U15-U18-U20: Great Lakes Members – $60 = $30 Lineage, $10 misc./awards, $20 Scholar = $60 Entry

Great Lakes NON Members – add $15 to entry fee.

WALK – IN /LATE FEE: $15.00

Scholarship breakdown:

4 – 9 Bowlers:  Top 3 – 50%-30%-20% = 100%

10 – 24 Bowlers: Top 4 – 40%-30%-20%-10%=100%

25+ Bowlers: Top 6 – 30%-25%-15%-10%-10%-10%=100%


(bowling), see rules for specifics- tournament director has the right to ask you to

change into something acceptable.

NO JEANS/SHORTS/YOGA PANTS/ETC OR T-SHIRTS allowed during tournament play.


Options/Selections:  GLJGT Membership – annual : $30.00


Bowlers can choose to bowl as a GLJGT MEMBER (lower entry cost + perks) or

GLJGT NON-MEMBER (higher entry cost) this season (2021-2022). This membership
is a separate cost ($30.00) and is not included in the entry fee.
This is an opportunity to become a member of Great Lakes Jr. Gold Tour
and is not to be confused with a USBC Jr. Gold Membership.
If you become a member you will be able to enter our tournaments at a lower cost.
If you bowl more than 2 tournaments then the membership will pay
for itself in savings.
We use a larger portion of the membership to add SMART
Scholarship funding to our end of the year Tune-up/Championships
in May/June 2022 TBD. We will produce a member card, and hand this to you at the event.

Option/Selections : USBC  Jr. Gold Membership – annual:

U12=$10.00          U15/U18/U20= $30.00

In order to compete for the Jr. Gold Spot (Nationals) in Grand Rapids Michigan 2022,
you must have a current 2021-2022 USBC Jr. Gold Membership
( which is an upgraded version of your USBC Standard membership-USBC rules).
This is a separate purchase cost and is not included in our entry fee.
This membership is an annual cost and is good until July 31 2022.
You have the option to purchase it here or print a copy and bring it to
the tournament at check in or fill the printable form out and send it to USBC.

Option/Selection: Are you competing for a Jr. Gold Spot?

This option tells us if you would like to compete for a Jr. Gold Spot to the National
Championships in Grand Rapids Michigan 2022 (Y) or if you are already qualified
for Gold (AQ), or if you don’t want to compete for the Jr. Gold Spot
in Grand Rapids Michigan 2022 (N).
This event is a Jr. Gold Qualifier: There is a separate cost for the option to bowl for a
Jr. Gold Spot and is not included with your entry fee:

U12 Jr. Gold option 1:4 ratio-$25.00
U15 Jr. Gold option 1:5 ratio-$30.00
U18 Jr. Gold option 1:6 ratio-$33.50
U20 Jr. Gold option 1:4 ratio-$50.00

Note: you do not need to bowl for a gold spot in any of our tournaments to compete for Scholarship and awards only.
Our tournaments are open to any bowlers who want to compete with or
without bowling for a Jr. Gold Spot.

COVID – 19 :  Our guidelines can be found on our home page under the
Covid-19 Tab.




Registration is closed for this tournament.
Registration is closed for this tournament.